Janine Darby – President

Dr. Janine Darby has always been passionate about bringing awareness and educating others about her culture and also, making her voice heard for social and racial injustices. After being faced with adversity in high school, she formed an organization to provide awareness and education to her fellow students about the Black experience. And recently, after her children had experienced racial prejudices, she created the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Task Force non-profit organization, to help implement diverse and inclusive practices within her local community and school district.

Besides her social justice obligations, Dr. Darby is a Board Certified Obesity and Family Medicine physician, Author, Speaker, and CEO of Lifestyle Changes, a virtual medical practice that specializes in medical weight management and minor urgent care needs. Dr. Darby earned her undergraduate degree from Carnegie Mellon University and her Doctor of Medicine degree from Temple University School of Medicine. Dr. Darby is a wife of 24 years and mother of four, 2 graduates, and 2 remaining students of Methacton School District residing in Lower Providence Township. She enjoys traveling and engaging in new cultures, frequenting art museums, attending various shows at the theater, and driving fast cars.

Alicia Cadogan – Vice-President

Alicia Alexander Cadogan, PharmD, is Vice President of the Board of Directors of the DEI Task Force.  She has been a resident of Lower Providence since 2011 and is dedicated to bettering the community in both her professional and personal life.  As a Pharmacist and Director of Medical Information at a major pharmaceutical company, Dr. Cadogan understands and appreciates the importance of seeking out and considering a variety of perspectives before making decisions that impact others.  As a community member who volunteers with local organizations, she has seen the gap in equity and realizes there is much room for improvement within our community.  Dr. Cadogan is a wife of 23 years and mother of 1 graduate of and 2 remaining students of the Methacton School District.

 “The DEI Task Force is important to me because our community cannot thrive until we are all respected, appreciated, and supported.  My hope is that the DEI Task Force will bring us closer to that goal. “

Michael Ryan

Michael Ryan – Treasurer

Michael Ryan has been a resident of Lower Providence since 2008.  He and his wife, Kimberly, are the parents of three children.  Michael started his career in both accounting and finance but realized his passion was in volunteering and giving back to his community.  He served as a School Director for Methacton School District from 2015-2019.  Michael currently serves as President of the Board of Directors for a local non-profit organization.  He also enjoys volunteering with local service organizations, his church and helping coach youth sports.

“From the very beginning, it was important for me to be a part of the DEI Task Force and to contribute to the overall mission of promoting diversity in the Methacton community. I want to work towards a community that is more inclusive for all.”

Amy Smith – Secretary

Amy Smith credits a diagnosis of genetic cancer as the moment when she personally realized privilege and entitlement are detrimental to our communities. She saw first-hand disparities in insurance coverage and access to care.  Once she was well again, she re-entered the workforce as an advocate for social justice and change. With a background in healthcare, community outreach, politics, and management, she brings a wide range of professional experiences to the board. She has a passion for Methacton, education, and advocacy, and strives to promote expressions of empathy and commitment to fairness. In her spare time, she is a writer and musician. She is also a wife and mother to 4 children in the Methacton School District, residing with her family in Worcester Township. She is an employee of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives and the Director of Religious Education for her parish church.

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“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
― Margaret Mead